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Dec 19, 2015

Episode 33. This week sees TG on a date with THREE SISTERS (Remix), getting REVENANT, and joining Zavvi's SECRET SOUNDTRACK CLUB. SJ gets all weird and French (as he does) with TACET and LIBRA, and travels to his home world of Arrakis for a rendevous with JODOROWSKY'S DUNE. We also lay a couple of belters on yer ears, with our MAIN THEME and HERE BE MONSTERS of the week. Our guest this week joining us on the virtual DFC sofa is fellow record collector and soundtrack fan Layne Harvey from South Carolina U.S.A. who chats about where his love of film music began, lays out some of his desert island OSTs and takes the Vinyl Score challenge. Created by Tony Giles & Scott Johannsson Recorded at Solatron Studios, Birmingham UK Theme Music by Scott Johannsson DFC Logo by Dan Cullinan December 19th 2015