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Oct 31, 2015

Episode 26. For this Hallowe'en edition of The Damn Fine Cast, we decided to do something special - our first combined audio/video cast! You can choose to watch the first hour of the episode here, with TG and ScoJo in lurid colour live and direct from Solatron Studios: We were joined via satellite from Brooklyn NYC by our special guests Aaron & Cassie (The Ship to Shore Phono Co.) and their cats Bela and Rutger, alongside Jon (Tiger Lab Vinyl). We played cuts from our favourite vinyl horror soundtracks, discussed all things Hallowe'en, our first scary movie experiences, why Exorcist II isn't awful, and we embarked on a gruesome and ill-advised drinking game... HAPPY AND SAFE HALLOWE'EN, EVERYONE! Created by Tony Giles & Scott Johannsson Recorded at Solatron Studios, Birmingham UK Oct 31st 2015 Hallowe'en Theme by Scott Johannsson