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Oct 23, 2015

Episode 25. In another quiet week for new releases, TG gets GOOSEBUMPS, duels with BARRY LYNDON and gets his Carpenter on with LOST THEMES:REMIXED, whilst ScoJo goes southern gothic with SISTER,SISTER, gets all theatrical with Bill Nelson's DR CALIGARI/BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and takes the reigns with this week's Apache selection. In lieu of a guest this week, we've added a l'il something extra to the episode since Hallowe'en is fast approaching. Recorded in the Summer, the team sat down and chatted alongside a screening of the original Friday the 13th movie - a DFC commentary track! Sponsored by extra crunchy Doritos and ScoJo's signature "Dirty Harry" blend java. Created by Tony Giles & Scott Johannsson Recorded at Solatron Studios, Birmingham UK Oct 23rd 2015 DFC Theme by Scott Johannsson