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Sep 18, 2015

Episode 20. To paraphrase "Fast Eddie" Felson at the climax of The Colour of Money....."We're BACK!" And we're now The Damn Fine Cast! (DFC) Still the same old faces/voices though, dear listener...TG and SJ cutting up a storm of wax for you, mostly soundtrack or related but with the odd "just 'cus we say so" non-OST recommendation. This time out, TG gets into some serious game scores on vinyl courtesy of DATA DISCS and INVADA, as well as the new POWER GLOVE EP, and SJ gets super wistful and weird with MUSTANG and LA PRISONNIERE, as well as bringing it hardcore 80s style with his Apache-Jump On It cut. We're joined by the top cool JC from MILAN RECORDS - one of the most long-running and prolific soundtrack labels from the 70s to the present day. We delve into the history of the label, JCs favourite scores and we get a peak at what's coming next including a DFC EXCLUSIVE on upcoming releases via Milan's Nicolas Winding Refn Presents imprint! (Trust need to get excited NOW!) Apologies for the distortion during the first few minutes of the JC interview. Created by Tony Giles & Scott Johannsson Recorded at Solatron Studios, Birmingham UK Sept 18th 2015 Theme Music by Scott Johannsson