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Jan 14, 2016

Damn Fine Focus Episode 6. This time out, Sherif T.A.Giles and his trusty amigo Johannsson ride out in search of possibly the best western-horror film ever made - BONE TOMAHAWK. Written, directed and co-scored (alongside long-time bandmate Jeff Herriot) by celebrated novelist S Craig Zahler, the film has already created a lot of buzz on the festival circuit and is surely destined for cult status. The score comes to us on vinyl via INVADA who, despite not being a dedicated soundtrack label by any means, have bought us some of the most exceptional releases of the last few years. Currently available in a limited webstore exclusive of 250, we play side A of the 'Reign-in-Blood' splatter variant and discuss the effect both film and score have had on us here at the DFC. Head over to Invada to pick up a copy today! Hosted by Tony Giles & Scott Johannsson January 14th 2016