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Jun 30, 2018

On the first episode of a brand new era of The DFC, composer, musician and all around solid guy Timothy Fife takes the reigns and brings you an incredible show.

On this episode, Timothy Fife (Death Waltz/Burning Witches) talks with the Video Nasties about their favorite rare soundtrack cues + more.

Be sure to swing by...

Jun 23, 2018

Host Aaron Vehling interviews Mecha Maiko and Deadly Avenger and premieres a song off Deadly Avenger's forthcoming album The Girl with the White Orchid. Mecha Maiko plays a new song she likes from Toronto-based Bulkhead and discusses her upcoming tour and new music. Deadly Avenger talks about new album 'I Am Godzilla,...

Jun 20, 2018

On this episode of 5/5/78 T.G is in conversation with J. Blake Fichera about the superb podcast - Scored To Death.
They discuss Blake's background, his love of horror, authoring Scored To Death - the book and much, much...

Jun 16, 2018

In The Music Cabinet, RENDEZVOUS LA founder & resident DJ Alfonso takes listeners on an audio tour of his cabinet of curiosities: everything from late 60s through early 80s soundtracks, library music, exploitation film radio spots, contemporary works, and assorted sonic oddities.

Jun 6, 2018

On this episode of 5/5/78 T.G chats with Ryan Graveface from Terror Vision about the upcoming Unsolved Mysteries soundtrack release.
They discuss the behind the scenes on making the albums release possible, the expanded 3 X LP set and much more.
Please note, the 3 X LP edition is now sold out but at the time of...