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Aug 31, 2016

Lakeshore Records Podcast No 5 Tony Giles talks to composer Pedro Bromfman about his soundtrack for the hit Netflix show, Narcos. Recorded and Edited by Tony Giles

Aug 27, 2016

Episode 9 The DFNs very own soundtrack quiz show, where we challenge guests to identify soundtrack songs and score cues in an atmosphere of friendly competition! This is a cracker, a special Fan Battle edition where ScoJo was joined by TG and they welcome a pair of good pals onto the show - Chris Panico & Tim...

Aug 24, 2016

Episode Three of 5/5/78 sees Tony Giles in conversation with Ludrium AKA Cody Carpenter. They chat about the creation of the Lost Theme's albums, what its like playing live and a shared love of retro video games. Be sure to follow Cody here:

Aug 20, 2016

Episode 60. An epic episode of the DFC, featuring new soundtrack vinyl cuts from CRASH, LA RAGAZZINA, FROM BEYOND, CASTLEVANIA, THE FILMS OF FRANCOIS TRUFFAUT, STRANGER THINGS, ZOO FOLLE and many more. Plus a new feature for the next 10 episodes - DFC AT THE MOVIES. This week, we talk about seeing BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN...

Aug 16, 2016

Episode Two of 5/5/78 sees Tony Giles in conversation with screenwriter Kevin Lehane (Grabbers, Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories) They discuss how we digest modern media as well as the merits of writing to a good soundtrack. Recorded & edited by Tony Giles July/August 2016